Feb. 27th, 2013

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Last night we booked our last two excursions....Sydney Harbor cruise and the Sydney Tower.
We have been looking to change our flights to fly out to Vegas Friday night and finally the seats came up...so guess who is going to Vegas for 2 nights before heading off down under.
Looking forward to that...but the luggage is going to be a cluster.
ermago: (Me on NYC ferry)
Everything is lined up for us to now leave Friday March 1st versus Sunday March 3rd.

When I called United this morning I got an offshore agent who told me that because I booked one way tickets I couldn't deviate my travel plans...it can only be done on a roundtrip purchase.  I hung up and called back and spoke with someone in the US...and explained the situation that because of the length of the trip, I had to book two separate one way tickets, but it was a roundtrip.  So she worked her magic and got us out to Vegas.  On top of all of that she didn't charge us the change fee...typically on an award if it's within 21 days of date of travel they charge $75 a ticket...It was just meant to be.

So we fly out Friday from Dulles at 10pm and arrive in Vegas at 1230am....we leave Vegas at 130 on Sunday and arrive at 3pm in SF....we will be hanging out in the United Club for several hours it looks like which is fine with us.  It just worked out.

The hotel room in Vegas is free...thank you to my playing at the hotel....we will only be responsible for taxes.

I also rented a vehicle...that way we weren't tied to the hotel....got it through Hotwire...got a mini SUV to handle all the luggage....so it works out well.

So I have told mum that we need to have her completely packed tonight...so that maybe all 4 of us can do dinner as a family tomorrow night since Friday will be pretty rushed.

This truly is a whirlwind trip.  First slot machines and bingo and then kanagaroos and koalas.


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