Mar. 6th, 2013

ermago: (Me on NYC ferry)
We got up early this morning for our tour.  We did a city highlights tour of the city...which was nice...we got driven around to see the different buildings and the architecture, which is truly beautiful...although I didn't take any pictures...I didn't feel it was necessary and I truly feel that I shouldn't be living my vacation through a camera lense.  We then did a cruise on the Yarra River which runs through was very nice and calming.

After that we had lunch and then came back to the hotel...I think we are tired and still trying to get used to the time change....I had to run back to the Telstra store because our phones couldn't get on the internet, but then we got them fixed.

Mom is in the room resting and as soon as I'm done posting this I'm going up to lay down.

Mom's friend Maralyn is coming over a little later on today to pick us up and I think take us to see the beaches...probably St. Kilda's.

Just gonna take it easy...I'm just glad that tomorrow we have a late start with the excursion tomorrow....we don't need to be ready until 1245pm.


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