Mar. 19th, 2013

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We got to Brisbane, and checked in the hotel...and it was so nice compared to a few of the other hotels we have been in...we stayed at the Stamford Plaza at the corner of Margaret and Edward streets. We ended up getting a corner hotel room so we have a view from two sides.

When we got here...we checked in the hotel and the staff there told me that we left a phone on the plane. Basically what happened, was the plane staff found it, turned it into baggage services, they then called one of the Australian numbers and they gave Qantas our details. So the hotel staff told us after we checked in, I had to go back to the airport. It cost roughly $50 for a cab each way.

On Sunday, my mom's friend Jan drove down from Toowomba and took us around was really nice, we had lunch with her and it was nice seeing Brisbane from a locals perspective. Although it was freakin hot...probably in the mid 90s

On Monday, we went to Steve Irwin's, Australia Zoo, which was really cool....we got to cuddle koalas, see crocs and all types of cool was really nice. Luckily enough the weather broke and it was in the high 70s.

On Tuesday, we went to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary...that was awesome as we took a specialized tour where we got to go into some of the enclosures. I got to pet/play with the dingos, feed the platypus, go into the koala enclosures and get really close up with the keepers and get answers to questions.

Today is Wednesday and we are flying to Sydney today.

Melbourne was beautiful for us old architecture, where as Brisbane is very contemporary and cosmopolitan.

Anyway time to get ready to check out and head to the stop Sydney



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