Mar. 22nd, 2013

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Well today is Friday night, I have been in Sydney for two nights already and this is our last night before our cruise.

The flight from Brisbane to Sydney, oh my god...we were put in a row between in front of us and one behind us. The kid in front of us...did not shut up I wanted to put a muzzle on the child. It was soon as we got off the plane the kid shut up.

We are staying at the Sofitel Wentworth on Phillip St. It's a beautiful hotel. Once we checked in, I went to the Opera House to pick up our show tickets and then went to the grocery store to pick up a few things.

When I walked from the hotel, I saw the Harbour bridge and it was amazing...but as soon as saw the Opera House....I actually started getting a little emotional...I mean..I always have seen it on tv...but to actually be standing in front of in the flesh, it was just surreal.

We went to see Orpheus in the Underworld at the Opera house, which is an operetta, but a funny was very twisted with lots of bawdy humor. We got back to the hotel around 11pm...and then on Thursday we had to be up at 710am for a tour to the Blue Mountains. At 705am our tour bus was there. We get on the bus and the operator told us that our tour scheduled for Friday which was an outback experience, was going to be cancelled and that they wanted to swap it to Thursday and then do Blue Mountains on Friday. We opted to do the Blue Mountains yesterday and then have a free day today.

The Blue mountains were amazing, we took the skyway and cable way across the canopy of the valley...absolutely beautiful and got great pictures of the 3 sisters. We also got to see an aboriginal show and we ended the day at Featherdale Wildlife.

This morning, Friday, I got up early and hunted down a self service Laundromat. I had a bit of an adventure. I had to take the subway from Martins Place to Kings Cross. The subway system is sorta like Metro in DC in respect to the tickets that go in and out of the machine.

After I got back from that mom and I walked down to Circular Quay and then made our ways to The Rocks and had lunch....then we saw a double decker bus that said Sydney <3 Ellen....apparently Ellen is in town and here is where the fun times starts.....she apparently is going to be doing a show on Friday at the Opera House. I have a tour at 7am for a backstage tour at the Opera House and then go back at noon with my mom for an accessible it's going to be a mad house at the Opera House tomorrow.

After we got back from lunch on the Rocks, I left my mom to rest and I went back to Kings Cross and walked around just to see what it looked like...I couldn't exactly go exploring with a full size piece of luggage in tow.

After we do the tours, we will come back to the hotel, get our luggage and then head to the cruise. We are getting on the Rhapsody of the Seas for an 11 day cruise up to Queensland to go to Airlie Beach and Cairns.

What's funny is that when we were in Brisbane, one of the cabbies said that Sydney was really dirty....from everything I heard, it sounded like Sydney was like NYC. Well I beg to differ. I find Sydney to be like NYC, but extremely clean and no honking horns.

Anyway, I have to be up at the crack of dawn tomorrow..I have to be at the stage door of the Opera House at 645am.


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