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It's been almost 2 years to the day that I have posted something on here....on the recommendation of [ profile] eurodancemixI am dusting it off to post about the trip of a lifetime coming up....I am heading down under on March 3rd. I will be there for 6 weeks. It is just my mother and I going on the trip, my father and Claude are staying behind. We initially were supposed to do this trip about 3 years ago, but had to back out because of some surgery that my dad needed. Intially we were just going to do a cruise from Perth to Sydney...but alas we had to cancel it.
So back in January of 2012 we decided to reboot the trip...but this time, we decided that we were going to fly everywhere. So we cracked open a bunch of different books and started the process of booking the trip.

First we looked at all the different cities and made lists of what we wanted to do in each city. Then we figured out how much time we would need in each city. Then we had to determine when we wanted to go...we wanted to go after the holiday season and Mardi we figured sometime in late February early March. We then had to wait until the flights started becoming available. Oh, I forgot to mention, we were using miles to fly there. My mother is with American who partners with Qantas, and I'm with United. We called American and the flights they had were crap. So I checked on United and found good flights. I ended up having to buy up about 80,000 miles, because we wanted to fly first class. We used my miles to fly too and from Australia and my mothers within Australia, because Qantas does give away first class seats across the water.
So our flight to Australia, is from IAD>SFO>SYD>MEL....we decided we wanted to go in a clockwise tour. Keep in mind, I am booking everything, hotels, tours. We couldn't book the return flight because it was too far out. So now that we had the flight out there...we needed to figure out how much time we needed at each place. While we were figuring that out, one of my friends said that if you are going to be there during Easter, make sure you have something to do because everything closes down between Friday and Monday. So I figured we would go on a cruise from Sydney up to Queensland for jumping off points to the Great Barrier Reef. Initially we had booked on a Celebrity cruise, but then changed it to Royal Carribbean.

In any event, after checking out the activities we wanted to do we started looking at dates for each location. Basically this was an iterative process trying to figure out how much time we needed for activities....and then we added an extra day or two just to be on the safe side. Whilst reading through the books we realized that middle of March is the rainy season for Queensland so we were going to bounce around...we were debating on where to stay in Queensland....Cairns, Port Douglas, Gold Coast...but then just finally decided the cruise would be perfect. My mother fought me on going on the cruise, but then later came around because she can relax.

Once we figured out the dates at each location, we started booking hotel rooms...most of them were booked on Hotwire....there were about 3 of them that we booked directly because we had points or they just weren't on Priceline or Hotwire. Now that the dates were set in stone we had to look at the things we wanted to do and how we would get to them. My biggest concern was getting to activites where we needed transportation since we are not renting a car...we are doing public transit...I refused to drive in a country where not only they drive on the other side of the road, the steering column is on the right side of the car...I have driven on the other side of the road in St. Thomas, but it's a small island and the speed limit is only 35 mph max....I didn't want to tempt fate. so I found by happenstance and noticed they offered tours so we have combed that for the different trips.....

Next...where we are going and what we are doing....

I guess I will use this for the next month or so to document the trip of a lifetime.

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Welcome back!! I am looking forward to reading your updates!


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