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The past 24-48 hours have been interesting.

We got to the airport in Las Vegas and was at the gate by like 430 pm...our flight was to be at 630 and arrive San Francisco at 820.  Well because of fog they delayed the flight....they finally loaded the plane and we sat on the tarmac around 730....they came on the loud speaker and said that we probably wouldn't leave till 830 or 9.  I was freaking out thinking that we were going to miss our flight to Sydney.

Luckily because we were in first class they had someone waiting our gate to get us.  Needless to say we had like 15 minutes before they were supposed to close the doors to get on that plane.  That was not fun.  But the flight was great.  Honestly if I ever had to come back here this is the only way I would fly....we had our own pods where the seat changes into a bed.  Got to watch Hotel Transyvania and Life of Pi.
I slept well on the plane and was quite refreshed when we got to Sydney...or flight from Sydney to Melbourne was delayed about 2 hours.  So we probably didn't get done with everything and get to the hotel til 4pm...Luckily enough my mothers friend Maralyn not only picked us up, but spent the day with us and then we went to dinner.

My friends Lee and Mark didn't like...ship ain't cheap here.  $4 for like a 20 oz bottle of diet soda.  it's just unreal how expensive everything is.

At this point, I'm falling flat on my face and we have an early morning tomorrow.  So that it's for now.
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