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So the adventure yesterday we went to a cattle ranch an saw wombats, and kangaroos and were able to feed the kanagaroos.  The wombat was totally adorable...I have decided I want to take one home. We then went to the Koala Conservation Center and got to see our first real koala.  We then headed to the Penguin Parade.  Basically these penguins come up from the water every night to go to their burroughs.  We get to watch them shuffle up the sand...the ranger put it an interesting was like a reverse zoo...we are the ones in the cages and we get to watch them.

Today we did the Great Ocean Road...for those who don't know...I consider it like the Road to Hana...but from what I understand it's Australia's version of the Pacific Coast Highway.  We got to see the 12 Apostles which are these huge monoliths of limestone that have been eroded from the water...the views were breath taking.

The past two days have been extremely tiring for myself and my mother....they have been really long days....yesterday we were gone from 1pm to midnight and today we were gone from 730am to's a little much...we have one or two more excursions on the trip like this but it's a little much for my I have to call the tour companies and see if they can make some accommodation for her because getting on and off the tour buses area a bit of a challenge.

Tomorrow is a open day that we are probably just going to take it easy as we fly to Adelaide on Sunday. My mom's friend Maralyn is coming to pick us up and do a few things...Maybe go to St. Kilda, which is a popular beach here.

The best way to explain it is, day 1 was about seeing buildings, day 2 was about seeing animals and day 3 was about seeing water.

Anyway it's late and I need to get some sleep.

There are pictures on my Facebook page as I don't think I can post them on here as I'm too cheap to get the advanced account.
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