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So for our last day in Melbourne we spent it with my mom's friend Maralyn...she drove us around...I got to meet her daughter Tiana and to see her house. Maralyn then took us down to St. Kilda, which is the beach in Melbourne. We had a nice lunch and then coffee....let's just say that even though we speak the same language there is still a barrier. After coffee, Maralyn took us back to the hotel we said our goodbyes and then mom rested since her feet were pretty swollen from all the running around.

I repacked the suitcases and then headed over to the was mobbed, but I made $40...which is a good thing.

The trip from Melbourne to the airport was $68...I guess I shouldn't complain. Oh my god, security for domestic flights is a joke within Australia, it's like what it used to be like in the states. You don't need to take off your shoes..the liquids don't have a don't even need to show them your ID. It's wild.

In any event we are sitting at the gate...of course we got here like 2.5 hours early for the flight, thinking that security was going to be like it is in the states...apparently wonder there is no line to get through security.

Otherwise, I'm learning new vocabulary, the following is Australian terms and then there American counterparts

Toilets Bathroom/Restroom
Rubbish Trash
Rubbish Bin Trash Can
Car Park Parking Lot
Chips Fries
Trolley cart, like a smart cart for your luggage
buggy cart for you to ride to your gate in
taxi rank taxi stand
bugger Damn!!!

Additionally we have changed one of our excursions in Adelaide...we originally were going to do it on Monday but now we are doing it on Tuesday and I'm going to see about renting a car to go to the wild life sanctuary.

That's it for now...more later.


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