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Today we flew from Adelaide to Alice Springs and then from Alice Springs to Ayers Rock.

We are staying at the Desert Garden Hotel, which is nice. Oh my god desolate...truly in the outback.

Now I see why everyone needs the netting for their hats....the flies here are ridonkulous.

After getting settled in we went to the Sounds of Silence dinner, where they took us onto a dune to watch the sun set overlooking Uluru and Kata Tjuta where we had had drinks and canap├ęs...while someone played the didgeridoo. After the sun set they took us down to the dining area....because there was a hill to get to the dune and then down to the dining area, they took my mom in a wheel chair.....when we were almost done getting to the area, they hit a bump and my mom got knocked out of the chair. It was not fun...and she had a lot of difficulty getting back in the this was like the 3rd incident that she had whilst on this trip. In any event, it was on soft sand so she is just sore from getting back in the chair.

I got to try kanagaroo, which wasn't bad....after dinner they dimmed all the lights and we star gazed. It was truly amazing. After that we came back to the hotel.

We have an excursion tomorrow to go around the base of Uluru, but my mom isn't going to do it. I tried calling the tour company earlier today to see if I could cancel hers and they said no because it was too short of notice. After the incident tonight, she is definitely not I talked to someone at the front desk of my hotel and they were going to leave a message for the manager. I'm still going, but she isn't...I'm hoping that they will refund the money for her.

In any event, it is absolutely beautiful out here and I would highly recommend the dinner.
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