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So the base tour at Uluru was so peaceful....I woke up at 430 am and was at reception by 510am to go to the dune...we watched the sun rise on Uluru and then were driven over to the base where we were told Aboriginal stories as we drove around and had several things about "the rock" told to us....we then went for a little walk to see drawings on the monolith as well as a water hole truly was I said, Mom stayed at the hotel. As it was because of her mishap, they not only refunded the Sounds of Silence dinner, but her Base tour that she was supposed to go on...As I mentioned before, the Sounds of Silence dinner was amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

The rest of the 2nd day in Uluru was spent just relaxing and getting packed for the trip to Brisbane. Mom is pretty banged up from the spill she had, really large black and blue mark. In any event, we cancelled the highlights tour in Brisbane and her friend Jan is going to meet us on Sunday and take us around...nothing like having a tour from a local. Right now sitting in the airport in Sydney waiting for the flight to Brisbane.

The one thing I'm happy about is the fact that I can download tv shows from the states to my I'm caught up on Walking Dead and I am on the Rupaul Roast one for Drag Race...right now trying to download Smash...

We have put in a request to cancel the catamaran lunch cruise in Sydney and the Cabaret dinner cruise in Sydney just so that we can do it on our own and relax and maybe just take a ferry ride...we got that insight from some people that were sitting at our table at SoS dinner the other night.

More to come.


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