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I will be in the Atlanta airport waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. We are flying airtran and they have this thing that when you check in if there is availablity you can upgrade to business class. For the past two weeks there were plenty of seats, but within the past day, the seats on the ATL to LAS flight were filling up. Well last night when I checked there were only two seats left and not even together.

So when I got into work I went directly to the check in page and waited. My flight leaves from BWI at 820 tomorrow morning so I kept trying and it said, too early...well at 819 I was able to get in and snag the last two business class seats from ATL to LAS...the ones from BWI to ATL weren't an issue.

We were going to try and fly standby on the earlier flight from ATL but all the business class seats are taken, so we have a 3 hour biggie...we will just take our time and as it looks right now we don't even have to go to a different concourse, but of course that could change....I figured we can just chill out at our gate and go have a nice leisurely lunch.

We already have our first night planned. We are going to get settled in the hotel and while my mom is unpacking, I'm going to run to Albertson and get groceries. We are getting a fridge in the room. We are then gonna go to this steak and seafood place not far from the hotel. I'm then gonna drop my mom back off at the hotel and I'm gonna run over to Gold Coast and play a session of bingo...honestly that's the only thing I really want to do is play bingo...I'm turning into an old blue hair...but it's something I enjoy.

I'm getting really excited about going and closing on the house. This time next week, I will be a Las Vegas home owner.
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So things are coming together nicely. I have contacted the gas, power, water, trash company and will have all that in my name as of the 14th or 15th of this month. I got my bylaws and covenants last Thursday and read through them all...the HOA doesn't cover shit so I have to get insurance for the entire house. I'm going with Farmers insurance....the guy seems nice and knew what he was talking about.

Yesterday I got the final total and the wiring instructions for the title company, so after work I headed over to B of A and made the wire transfer. When I got home I emailed my agent to let her know that it had been done and to let the title company know and just to let me know when she received it. About 20 minutes later I got an email stating that they had received it. So everything is pretty much done. Everything else that needs to be done will have to wait till I get out there.

So here is the schedule of events.

Thursday March 10th, fly out to Vegas
Friday March 11th, meet my agent at the house at 1030 for the final walk through
Saturday March 12th, go to an FA meeting and then shopping for appliances. That night we are seeing Human Nature and Diva's at Imperial Palace
Sunday March 13th, see Purple Reign, a Prince Tribute show at Hooters
Monday March 14th meet at the agents office at 1130am, at 12pm will be at the title company to sign all the paperwork
Tuesday March 15th get the keys
Wednesday March 16th, hopefully get the appliances delivered, have the property management person come to see the house and sign paperwork.

Other than that need to meet with the insurance agent and I need to get the locks changed on the house.

I can't believe this is actually happening.

Funny how god works, because if I'm not mistaken it's basically 6 years to the day that I settled on my house in Frederick...I can't believe I'm actually going to own a house in Las Vegas.
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Wedensday night a friend came over who is a handyman to check my dishwasher and it was determined I needed a new one. So I figured I would go to Lowes on Thursday and get one. My mom went to the one in Frederick and I was going to the one in Gaithersburg to see if they had any scratch and dent ones.

In the mean time at work I was double scheduled in the afternoon, conference call and a different meeting. While I was on my conference call, my agent finally sent me the covenants and bylaws for my house in I started reading them over. Once I got off my conference call I continued to read them but then realized I needed to get into this meeting so I went in there and wasn't even really paying attention. I ended up leaving work late so I decided not to go to the Lowes in Gaithersburg and went straight home. Picked up my mom and went directly to Lowes. I picked out a dishwasher and used one of those merchandise credits that I bought online. The nice thing is they had 10% off major appliances $397 or more and I had an additional 10% off and they let me use both. When I walked outside I got an email from my agent giving me all the details I needed. Up until this point I thought the HOA had a master policy on the property and paid for the It's a house and if something happens, I'm responsible for everything. So I called a few of the agents I called a few weeks ago. When I got home, I had the trash and water put in my name and called the one other agent. I'm waiting to get quotes from two of them and then have to make a decision. I had dinner and then collapsed in bed.

I'm debating on whether or not to go back to Lowes to buy the washer and dryer for Vegas...because their 10% sale ends on Monday...I don't know what I will do...It doesn't feel like a Friday.

In other news, I won 4 tickets to see the ice skating show at the Verizon center this weekend through my company...first time in 3 years of being here that I finally got something. At least it was something my mom wanted to see.

The next few days are going to get crazy because we need to pack. Tomorrow I have dinner plans, Sunday we have the ice skating show, Tuesday night I have plans to go to dinner with some old coworkers and then Wednesday night I have my AWOL so I don't know when we are going to pack. I think Im' going over to my parents after work tonight to start packing my moms stuff. I'm hoping we can get the majority of it done.
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So a lot has happened in the past few days with the house. I had the home inspection yesterday. There were a few minor issues in the house like the air valve for the dish washer seems to be clogged, in addition one of the tracks for one of the closet is missing. Supposedly the owner is going to take care of that. The only other thing is the garage door, there are cracks in it, it's losing integrity so I'm going to need to replace it within the next year or two....not sure if I'm going to do that when I'm out there or wait. Other than that it seems like things are going fine.

Additionally my agent told me that the current owners are turning off the gas and power on the 14th so she gave me the green light to call and get them started in my name. I called NV Energy and after 40 minutes on hold hung up and started it online. Hopefully that will go ok. I called Southwest Gas and got those put in my name. My agent has to find out about the water and the sewer to see if the HOA covers that or if I'm responsible. I'm still waiting to get the CCR's, which are the by-laws of the development to see what the master policy covers.

I haven't been sleeping real well, because of all the things that I have to do while I'm out there.
The list of things that need to be done.
Walk through
Estimate for painting
Home Owners Insurance, which I have gotten quotes on just waiting on the CCR's
Meeting with the rental agency to sign paper work
Buying a washer, dryer and refrigerator.
Locksmith to change the locks
Hiring a cleaning service to give it a good cleaning
Getting the dryer vents and the HVAC vents cleaned

So lots to do..hence the reason I'm going out there for almost two weeks.

I know that a lot of this stuff is out of my control right now until I get more information, but supposedly as soon as we got the approval I have 15 days to do my due's been 8 thus far and I still haven't gotten the bylaws. I really would like to get the insurance straightened out before I go out there.

Other than that, I'm looking forward to the change of scenery and the warm weather.
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I got a call last Tuesday on the 22nd from my agent stating that the bank finally approved my contract for the house in Vegas....woohoo!!! Almost 8 months to the day. The funny thing about it is that the selling agent emailed my agent the week prior saying that the sellers were moving out and wanted to know when the home inspection would be. My agent stated not until we get a written approval...well over the weekend the selling agent went through his records and realized that my agent wasn't copied on a very important email. Apparently two weeks earlier they had gotten the approval and never sent it to her!!!! The date on the letter stated I had to close by March 4th, but they were going to extend it because of his faux paus.

So the night of 2/22, I went home and booked all my travel with my mom. So I'm going out from the 10th through the 22nd of March. There is a lot to do. The hotel, car and airflights are booked.

At the time of writing this I'm still waiting to get the bylaws from the HOA so I can look it over. I need to see what the Master Policy covers so I can determine what I need for my homeowners. I have called a State Farm and Farmers for insurance company here doesn't service NV. I also went ahead and bought some unused gift cards on a legit site for Lowes since I'm going to need to buy a washer, dryer and refrigerator. I have already picked out who is doing my property management.

So I'm closing on the 15th, but apparently they do things differently in Vegas. I won't get the keys until the 16th because it has to be recorded and transferred first. So on the 11th, I'm going through the walk through and meeting the property management people. I'm also getting an estimate for repainting the place. My agent keeps saying I don't need to but I know I do.

We have also booked a few shows to see. Human Nature at Imperial Palace which is a Motown Tribute act. Then that same night we are seeing Diva's which is a female impersonator show. My mom is seeing Barry Manilow by herself and one night I'm going to see Purple Reign which is a Prince tribute show. We are looking to get tickets for "O" and possibly Mystere...and I'm trying to talk my mom into going to the Neon Boneyard.

There is a lot to do and a lot going on, but I'm getting exciting and really looking forward to going out there to see "my" house. I really can't believe this is finally happening.

I am very thankful for everything I have in my life. Claude who is extremely supportive of this and when the time is right we will move out there. You know several years ago I was questioning myself about changing jobs, but honestly, if I hadn't, I wouldn't be embarking on this new adventure.
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So I listened to Born this Way, the new Gaga song. It's definitely very catchy and danceable. A few people on FB are saying that it sounds like Madonna's Express Yourself, but I don't see it.

I actually really do like it. So I have started looking for tickets for Gaga on the 24th...but unfortunately there are no tickets available...I'm hoping that when we get closer they will release tickets. May be day of, but that's fine.
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Yesterday was productive. I got home early from work and did about 50 minutes of DDR. It's not only good exercise, but it helps me with my antsty/nervousness about the house. I also have been eating really clean....I have made a committment to myself to only eat out when I have to and to eat at home as much as possible.

I went to a meeting last night, although it was small it was a great meeting. I was tired when I got out of there...but I went home, took a shower and stayed up to watch Outsourced....what a let was the first time I didn't like it.

As far as work is concerned it's been a relatively easy day...I got to meet briefly with my boss to go over this assessment I'm working on. She gave me some feedback on it and I updated it so far. We are meeting again on Tuesday to go over it again. I just want to get it done. I have to have the finalized copy uploaded by the 28th.

Yesterday, I also called my real estate agent, I just wanted to know what was going on as far as where we are. At this point, we are waiting on the last thing which is the HOA demand letter. She told me last week that it can take 3-6 weeks to get it. It was requested on the 1st so it's been almost 2 weeks. Then once the title company gets that, they put the whole package together and the bank takes one final look and they will either accept, deny or counter the offer. My agent thinks they should accept it since it was a very clean offer and we didn't ask for any assistance and that we would pay for everything. At that point they send the package back to my agent, she will look it over and then send it to me to sign. Once I do that, then it goes back to the bank and they give a date for settlement.

My agent still has no clue when that will be because we haven't gotten written approval yet. I asked her if she thinks it may be March...she said she didn't know, but wouldn't be surprised. She actually is expecting to get this demand letter back any day now. So we just sit and wait some more.

This weekend we have no big plans. I have a meeting tomorrow and Sunday morning. Probably just going to be a realtively easy weekend...

Well guess it's time to get back to work.
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So yesterday I noticed that one of the teeth that encompasses my bridge was bothering me. It was really sensitive to cold. It started yesterday. I was going to wait to see how things went with it, but I had to go outside at 815 to make a phone call and the cold air had me go through the roof. I waited to see if it dissipated but it didn't. So around noon I called my dentist and the only time they could see me was at 1pm. So I left work for a little bit and went down there.

Apparently my gum had receeded slightly around from the tooth and the root was showing. The dentist ended up putting on this flouride varnish to stop it. I still am feeling a little bit of it, but it isn't as bad as yesterday. It ended up costing me $35 because I was told that insurance wouldn't pay for the varnish....otherwise my bridge is fine.

I was gonna go to Charlestown last night to go play slots but I had so much to do when I got home that I didn't.

When I got home last night, I did about 50 minutes of DDR...yay!!!Need to continue doing that..not only is it good exercise, it helps with all my nervous energy about the house. I also had a bunch of crap to do for the AWOL...I had to return a few phone calls and send a few emails out.
For those of you who read this, an AWOL is something in my weight loss program that I'm co-leading with my sponsor. AWOL stands for A Way of Life, and is an intense study of the 12 steps...basically step work. I have been through one before, but this will be the first time I'm co-leading one. Needless to say I'm a little scared. We are starting it on Wednesday March 2nd. It's going to be from 830 to 945pm every Wednesday. It's a phone meeting which is good so in the event that I'm in Vegas for up to two weeks I will be able to do it from there.

We watched Hot in Cleveland last night...that show is so funny...because there was nothing else on til 10pm, I went into my room and read.

BTW, I watched the Superbowl Glee the other day and there is a song from it that I REALLY's a mash up of Thriller and Heads will Roll...if you haven't heard it, go on youtube and look it up.

I'm still looking for Gaga tickets for the 24th. I almost bought some several months ago but I'm glad I didn't, especially with the fact that I don't know what is going on with the house...but the concert is like 2 weeks away so I'm gonna look again...right now it's sold out, but I have a strange feeling that tickets will become available.

As far as the house is concerned, I did get an email from my agent last night....I didn't really say much other than the selling agent had been out of the office for a few days...and that he would talk to the sellers about doing a year lease and the amount of rent...and that he understood that they shouldn't/couldn't take the fans. Other than that I know nothing. I really don't think the house is going to settle until March or it just gives me more time to try and pay off the last credit card.

The other thing that I have going on is doing an assessment for a coworker...I had been stressing about it a lot, but I bit the bullet and started working on it right away. At this point, I have done a first draft and made two sets of revisions. I have a meeting with my boss on Tuesday to go over to make changes.

Yesterday I had a big meeting about telecom stuff with work and our telco provider wants to make some changes to a Transfer platform we used for the three different service desks. I basically called them out on their shit...because they are changing everything now to what we originally wanted. Their excuse was that back then they had to turn it around quickly....I was thinking, hmmmm I need my shovel and my shit kickers.

Today I'm working close to home, though typically I work in VA...basically it's because I have to give feedback for my bosses assessment. Tonight, I'm going to a meeting...nothing too too exciting.

Now time to go at least look like I'm working.
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Yesterday was spent in the Fairfax office. Nothing to exciting happened. I found out that I have to have a conference call with the our telecom provider because of a build out we are doing for one of the service desks and that our speed dials for transfers may need to be changed because of this build out. That's going to be a mess because we will have to retest everything.

Yesterday when I got home, I ended up doing about 40 minutes of DDR which was really nice. It truly is a great way to release that nervous energy I have. I think I have a lot right now because I haven't heard anything else about the house. Like I mentioned previously. I got a phone call from my agent last Wednesday and that the title company got preliminary stuff for the closing of the house and that we are waiting for the demand letter from the HOA saying that it has a clear title and the current owners are up to date on their HOA fees and such. Also about the email she got from the seller. I called her last Friday to see if she had heard anything else and she hadn't. So it will be a week since the original email came out. I just have to keep in mind that it happens when it happens. It's just the unknown that's out of my control and driving me a little nutty.

I found out yesterday also that I will be back at the home office tomorrow as I have to give feedback for my bosses assessment. I guess that's nice, but the thing is I share a desk and I don't know if I will have a seat. I don't know if my boss is going to tell the one person who works from home to just stay home tomorrow or if he wants me to stay home. I guess I will ask him about it today.

I'm happy that I got done with my first draft of the assessment I have to do. I'm waiting for feedback from my boss on it so that we can work on it and I can make edits. It's due on the 28th of this month...I just want to get it done.

Anyway, after DDR last night, I had to make a few phone calls for the AWOL, once done with that jumped in the shower and barely had enough time to quickly put dinner together and watched GLEE then V. I love both of those shows. The problem with V is that neither ABC or Hulu stream it anymore....everyone tells me to DVR or VCR it, but I don' I have to make sure I'm home to watch it.

I filed my taxes last weekend...I got a notification that my federal won't be processed until the 14th, because of all the new tax laws, if you itemize they will hold them....but my state return has been processed and I'm just waiting for them to direct deposit it in my account. Once they do, I'm going to take that money and pay off yet another credit card. Woohoo. That will mean that I will only have one credit card left with a balance on it to start working on. A long time ago, I had done a lot of balance transfer dancing and this one credit card offered me 1.9% till it's paid years ago, I had put a lot of my other credit card balances on it....but in the mean time continued to do I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Other than that, I have my United Visa that I charge everything just about for the miles. The only other credit card I use is my Costco Amex...and I use that at Costco of course and for gas since I get a 3% rebate. I pay both of those credit cards off every month. It will be nice once I'm credit card debt free.

Also yesterday I was talking to my good friend [ profile] jn1701e and we started talking about cars and what we want. I personally would love the Hyundai Sonata, I think they look a lot like a Lexus...well he told me that came out with a hybrid version...I looked at several of the dealerships in the area and I don't think any of them have them yet...could be because they were just released last month. I would definitely consider getting one. It gets like between 36-40 mpg...which is nice...considering I would like to have more of a family sedan. Don't get me wrong, I love my civic for the gas mileage but I miss the creature comforts of my Accord...the only thing is I don't like the new stylings of the Accord. I won't buy anything just yet...especially since this is Hyundai's first hybrid, I would want to wait at least a year, but it's something definitely to consider...of course I would want to test drive it and see what it's like.

Anyway back to work.
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So I'm starting to update more often...I don't expect anyone to respond to my posts but it is what it is.

Things are going well.....I still haven't heard any more about the house....I talked to my agent on Friday and she had not heard anything else from the response to the email she sent the previous Wednesday so I wait some more.

Yesterday I finished the first draft of the assessment I am working on. I met with Chrome Dome to get his input and he just gave me some pointers on what else to put in the Assessment. I sent a copy to 'Dre so she could read it over and so that we could work on it.

Yesterday when I got home I did about 30 minutes or so of DDR...I really need to start doing that some more since I have gained some of my weight back.

I went over to my parents house to help them with a few things and walked the dog in the afternoon with Claude.

The evening was spent returning calls for the AWOL......we are on a waiting list at this point...about 14 people on the waiting list with a full load of people of 96 for the AWOL...I'm definitely getting ready for it to start March 2nd. Wouldn't it be funny if I have to do the first or second meeting from Vegas.

We watched some of the rag shows...Inside Edition and Access Hollywood...we then watched Glee from after the superbowl...I loved the mash up of Thriller/Heads will roll...I actually had never heard of the Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs or their song...I found it on youtube and watched it...seemed like something Claude would like....I really liked the mashup.

I then watched Drag Race...I'm so glad that Mimi Imfurst is finally off...what she did during the lipsync was totally's like Ru said, "Drag is not a contact sport." She basically picked up India and was getting ready to throw her...totally wrong.

I'm looking forward to watching V tonight....I'm really pissed because they don't stream the show on the network website or Hulu anymore...of course everyone says DVR it, but I don't have one and I don't use my VCR to record anything.....but that's cool...

So I sit and wait to hear about the house...I'm just really antsy...I really just want to know when I need to go out there so I can book travel....but I have to wait. At this point, from what my agent said, they are waiting for the demand letter from the HOA and that could take from 3 to 6 weeks. I hope not because then that will put us into March or April....but we will see.
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So I got nudged from Claude to update LJ...I haven't done it in a very long time. The last time I posted was right before I went to Vegas in July...guess I need to give the readers digest version of what has happened since then.

Went to see the house loved it. At this point we are STILL waiting for a response, we are real close and waiting, waiting waiting.

My mom had back surgery in November which was really rough for her. We went on a cruise in December for 12 days and loved it.

Work has been good, I got a raise, not a huge one, but it's better than nothing. I'm grateful I still get a paycheck.

In addition, I have started traveling more for work. I really haven't been anyplace that exciting. I have been to GA twice, LA, southern VA and TX. They have been somewhat remote areas, but I like the fact seeing different parts of the country.

I'm getting ready to start an AWOL which stands for A Way of Life. It's an intense study of the 12 steps. I'm co-leading it with my sponsor. For those who don't understand it's 12 step study.

I have fanagled Claude into going on a gay cruise in 2012 for my 40th birthday and it looks like we are going with several of our friends, we are just waiting for the information to be posted on the website.

Since last posting, I have paid off the car and a few other bills...It's funny because my job has made it so that I can become financially independent. I closed on a loan in October, basically refinanced the condo at the beach so I can pay cash for the house in Vegas. I'm almost credit card debt free. At one point I was close to 40k in credit card debt and now I owe less than 6k. So it's within my reach.

In other news, we just got back from Montreal last week, we had to go up very last minute to take care of Claude's mom. She has deteriorated and had to be put in a long term care facility as she has dementia. It was the first time I had seen her in probably a year or two and she just wasn't the same vibrant woman I remember. It was heartbreaking and sad. It truly made me think about life in general.

Claude and I are very much alike, we both are only children and very close with our moms. It made me think about my relationship with my parents and how grateful I should be to still have them and to cherish every moment I have with them, because it can be taken away in a flash.

Right now I'm working on a my coworkers assessment, it's only the 2nd one I have done and I can't stand it. I actually have completed the first draft of the assessment.

My life is quite in flux right now because at any time I could get a call saying that my house in Vegas is settling and I have to be ready to go. Luckily enough I will be able to work while I'm out there. I'm probably going to need to go out there for a minimum of a week possibly two. It all depends on whether or not the people that are living there who are the owners decide to rent back or not.

Just last week I got a call from my agent that they wanted to rent back for a few months but they said they could only afford $800 a month. The comparables for the area show rent is between $1000 and $1200...also they mentioned that they wanted to take the ceiling fans, which were not in the deal. Basically we told them that we want at least a year agreement for a lease and that the fans wouldn't be a deal breaker but it's not right. If we can get them to agree to a year lease, I would consider taking the $800 a month because there are two other units in the neighborhood for rent, but they have been vacant for months and something is better than nothing.

I just wish I knew when we were going to be settling so that I can book travel. My biggest concern is that we get out there because it is winter.

Anyway that's it for now.
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This was a crazy busy weekend.
Friday night went to Mexacali Cantina with Jon, Stuart, Dave and Claude, for Claude's birthday.
Saturday went to a meeting, then down to Gaithersburg to see the house, picked up a coworker and drove down to Clinton for a memorial service for a co-worker.
Sunday took Claude out to Volt for Brunch and it was amazing.

I exercised every day except for Saturday because I was so tired.

This is a short week...I'm leaving Friday morning for Vegas and will be there for 5 days...going out there to see the house I put a contract on and play in a video poker tourney.

We are staying at Gold Coast, which we haven't stayed at before and we probably won't stay again....they don't have free wi-fi at the coffee shop and they don't have safes in the rooms....two things that the Orleans has. But we have to stay there because of the poker tourney.

I know we will probably be going out there at least one more time this year, probably for closing whenever that is...but it could be months.

That's about it.
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Apparently there was an earthquake in Germantown this morning at 504am....I remember waking up at 446 and rolled over...I may have turned back over when it was happening...but I don't remember it.

Claude woke up at 510 and said he didn't feel anything....the dog on the other hand was at his side of the bed....Aspen typically lays at the foot of the bed, so she probably knew something was going on.
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Friday night hung out at home...didn't do too much
Saturday went to a meeting and then went down to the condo in Gaithersburg to see what was going on....all the carpet has been ripped out, the back bedrooms are finished being painted. The vinyl flooring in the kitchen has been ripped up and now they are painting the front rooms.
Went to Home Depot and picked out ceramic tile for the kitchen, grout color and got a new hot water heater since the one we have is leaking.
Carlos our contractor said the house should be finished in about a week or so.
Saturday night stayed home.
Sunday morning went to a meeting then came home and relaxed and slept in front of the tv.
Went out Sunday night to Arundel Mills to meet a bunch of friends I haven't seen in forever including my BFF [ profile] jn1701e for dinner.

It's Monday yet again, just got an email from my mortgage lender saying she needs this questionaire filled out along with all these documents for the loan against the beach condo for the house in Vegas.

I posted something on my FB saying that although I'm buying a house in Vegas, that [ profile] eurodancemix and myself are not moving any time soon. Wanted to set the record straight since I have had several friends ask me when I'm moving.

I'm leaving next Friday the 23rd for Vegas for 5 days....staying at Gold Coast for a video poker tourney and going to see the house I put the contract on since I haven't seen it yet.

There is another video poker tourney in August at the Orleans I want to go to, I have the hotel room booked, but more than likely I will cancel it as Claude is going to Montreal to visit Mama Gaga.

Plus, I need the vacation time for our cruise in December and I will probably be going back out to Vegas at least one more time this year for closing whenever that is....I still am waiting for a response back from the bank. As far as I'm concerned they can take as long as they gives me more time to pay off my bills.
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since I have made a posting....good gravy.

So let's see what has happened. My father was in a car accident, luckily no one was hurt. The car got totalled and he had his license revoked.

I went on a cruise at the beginning of May, which was fun...went to Vegas for 10 days on a house hunting trip...I got schooled on Vegas real estate. Needless to say narrowed it down to 2 places then I told my agent I needed some time to think and then she blew me we went looking at new construction...found something I loved but had to be put on a waiting list so I got nothing. Got home...then a few weeks later went looking for resale in the same development...found a short sale, found a different agent and now I have a contract on a house out there. Just waiting to hear back from the bank. It's a single story, 3 bed, 2 bath house...considered a townhome in the SW section of Vegas, between Southern Highlands, Mountains Edge and Rhodes Ranch. Nice place....haven't actually seen it yet...going at the end of July to see it and play in a video poker tourney.

June was relatively uneventful...we have made progress on the condo in Gaithersburg, had to catalog and box all of my dad's albums and 45s...there were 15 boxes of albums, each box holding about 100....and 10.5 boxes of 45s each holding roughly 400 to 500....we have a contractor working on the house and he is in the process of doing that. We still have furniture in the house that we need to get rid of.

Went to see Lady Gaga in Atlantic City on the 4th of was just ok...I felt like I was at a Madonna concert with the way people were dressed. Her show was good but it had periods of time when she wasn't on stage during costume changes....and unlike Madonna shows where you feel you are always engaged, I felt the times when she wasn't on stage dragged. Getting home from there was insane...the show ended at 11pm...we waited till about 1 to leave, then it took an hour to get out of the parking garage at Caesars....didn't get home till 7am.

Not much else going is good, still working on Frederick, but have to go to Fairfax every so often.

Life is doing well....just trying to pay off bills and what not.

That's about it for now.
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It's been an interesting few days. I had to go to Arlington on Wednesday for a morning breakfast meeting. Got to schmooze with people I don't get to see all the time. The nice thing is I got a "High 5" award...which was nice....then I found out that there is a cash award with it...apparently the instructions were on the back of the certicate. I am getting a $75 gift check from that. Also on that day, at my office they were upgrading my pc to Vista.....I come back on Thursday I can't find any of my documents they are buried under stuff. Then I find out, I can't log onto any chat client to chat with coworkers and to add insult to injury, the security is so tight on it, I can't even go on ticketmasters website and look for any type of tickets because you know when they pop up the words you have to type won't let you do that....ugh. And supposedly the new director of our government client embraces technology and wants us to be able to use yeah I can get to youtube now, whoopie doo...I would rather be able to talk to coworkers and friends about relavant things.

In other news we got our Lady Gaga tickets for I just need to determine if I'm going to sell the Atlantic City ones or if I'm going to take Mama to go see her.
I also the other day went on Amazon and bought a Travelocity Gnome...Claude and I love the commercials so much that we decided to get one....we are contemplating putting it in the bushes in front of our house, but are scared that someone might take him. We will see...I'm still waiting for that to be delivered.

Last night I went to a meeting and came home and watched Project Runway...prior to watching that one of my friends sent me this link to Oprah where Glee was on it and had some high school in California perform.....they did 4 minutes to Vogue...basically Vogue that went into 4 minutes...and they did it the Victorian style that Madonna did at the MTV awards. I loved it.

No real plans for this weekend...going to a meeting tomorrow and then down to the condo in Gaithersburg to clean.

Getting ready to get to the busy time of year....I'm going to see Fiddler on the Roof on Thursday with the rents...then at the end of the month going up to NYC for the weekend with mom to see Enron, Promises Promises, Addams Family and Billy Elliott.

Anyway time to get back to work.
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Yesterday was a busy then meetings.

Today I gots me and Claude and my cousin tickets to see Lady Gaga on September 7th at the Verizon center...we are in section I need to determine if I am going to sell my Atlantic City tickets or take Mama to go see Gaga.'s beautiful day outside....90 degrees.
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Just came back from outside, it's beautiful, plus it's frigid in my office, but I got my results from my ITIL exam...I got an 83% woohoo!!!
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Friday night Claude and I went out for a nice quiet dinner and then came home and chilled out.

Saturday I went to my meeting and then my mom and I headed down to Gaithersburg to continue cleaning the condo. Claude came down to continue cataloging records. Carlos came over to start looking at everything to give us an estimate on the renovations...

Sunday morning I got up went to a meeting and then met Carlos back at the condo in Gaithersburg so he could bring a friend to look at the glue for the wallpaper...he said that he would be able to fax the estimate that evening.

I got home and decided that Claude and I were going to enjoy the beautiful weather. We took Aspen out for a long walk down to the cows near the entrance to our development, which is about a mile each way.

We then hopped in the car and drove out to Charles Town which is a beautiful drive about 30 miles away....we went to the IHOP there for lunch and then went to the track to go play slots. Claude lost about $15 and I lost about $37....we then came home.....I went over to my parents to help them with a few things...when I got home we did about 40 minutes of DDR and then walked Aspen again.

It truly was a nice relaxing Sunday and I watched the Apprentice and then went to bed.

This morning was ok....I didn't dread coming into work. We did buy tickets to go see Fiddler on the Roof with Harvey Fierstein on April 15th...I'm going with my should be a nice family outing.

Now back to work.
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